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F.A.Q. Hotels

Questions about the Hotels

How to book a hotel or a private offer on our website

Find a offer
You can make a reservation for a hotel or a private offer directly on our website. Click on our website (top menu in the header) first to the desired travel world: Swingers Vacation or Naturist Holidays.

You come to the hotel selection page where we show you the complete list of our Hotel offers we have from the respective travel world. Select your favourite hotel of your choice by clicking on the name or on the image or on the button. You come directly to the hotel page that you have selected. All information about the hotel can be found here.

Place a reservation
On our hotel page we show all rooms with the best available "from" rate. First select your desired travel time, the room category and enter the number of passengers. (Above room table) Click on the Button "show rates", to see the available rooms and the total rate for your choosen travel time and room category. We will show you all available rooms and the total price of your stay.
Click now at the desired room the button "more ...". He is in the field from the total price. You then come to the booking page where you please follow the booking process.

Room is not available
If room availability can not be confirmed directly on our website, we will show it as "On Request" including the total price of your stay.
(Please note: If you select a roomtype with "On Request" than this request is a binding travel request. If we can confirm the desired room, you have a binding Reservation. For more information, see here )

Instant Booking

You can book and pay some of our hotel offers directly on our website. Please enter your desired travel time, select the room type and the number of passengers, click on the Button "show rates". We show you all available rooms in your favourite hotel. To place a reservation, click on the Button "Book Now" at the room you like to book.

For some Hotels and rooms we offer two different rates: A Standard Rate with our best price guarantee and a Special Rate, which is a reduced rate with a modified payment (100% cancellation fee). If the hotel offer a Special Rate we show it in the room list. Not for all hotels we offer a special reduced rate. Select your desired room type with the corresponding payment and cancellation conditions. In the next step, you will be directed to our booking page. Here you can see all booking details such as name of the booked room, pax, board, room details, total price of the stay, etc. If your booking is with a special rate, we show you here the details of the rates and the conditions. Furthermore you will find on the booking page all information about the payment and cancellation policies as well the hotel policies.

In addition, you need to enter your name and address to complete the booking form. If there are other travelers, please enter the name of the other travelers.

If you have a coupon, please enter the coupon number in the field and click the Button "Redeem Coupon". The total rate for your stay will be recalculated and displayed. You can click the question mark icon, to see the price calculation more in details.

In the next step, you need to pay the deposit or the total rate. To do this, please select your desired payment method. Click for that on the tab of the desired payment method and complete the forms with appropriate information. Please note: that the payment method purchase on account is available only for customers with VIP status.

Rooms with special rate must be paid 100% in advance. Cancellations are not possible. If you need to cancel your stay a 100% cancellation fee will incur.

We must request avaialbility direct at the hotel for all rooms where we can not check the availability online. Please follow the inquiry process. We will send your request directly to the hotel. You will receive a response shortly. All these bookings are displayed as "On Request".

On Request

If Room availability can not be confirmed directly on our website they are displayed as " On Request ", including the total rate of your stay. Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Inside of the confirmation you will find all the data of your request as copy. This confirmation does not constitute the booking confirmation.

Our customer representative will check the availability at the Hotel directly after receiving your inquiry. If the desired room is available, for the desired travel time, your booking will be placed at the Hotel. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.


How to pay:

1. Full payment upon booking.

2. Payment with deposit and final payment 30 days prior to arrival. You pay a Deposit of 75.- EUR upon booking, balance due 30 days prior to arrival. The invoice amount is recalculated about 30 days prior to arrival and re-invoiced according to the current USD Currency Exchange Rate. With this method of payment, it coming may be to a backbilling or refund.

3. Payment at the hotel in local currency. You can pay conveniently at the hotel in local currency. Please note that there may be differences in currency with this payment method.

If you have difficulty with the payment process, please contact our Customer Service contact:
0800 09 69 785 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm )

This payment options we offer

We try to adapt our payment options to customer requirements. You can make your payments with Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa) and Online Banking . Unfortunately, we do not accept checks. Payments must be made cashless. Rates are shown and payable in USD or GBP.

Some hotel deals may lead to special payment- and/or cancellation policy. The precise terms and conditions are shown during the booking process and in the details relating to the payment information from the hotel.


For bookings of a hotel or a private offer, cruises or package holidays, we charge no handling charges. As a new customer, we will charge the following fees:

  • Changes to your booking = 25,- USD per process*
  • Cancellations = 75,- USD per process
  • Cancellation Cruises / Groups = modified cancellation policy according to trip description
  • Flights = 25,00 USD per person

*Non refundable **subject to any cancellation costs of the service provider ***if possible

Why the "from" prices in the hotel offers change?

The Hotel overview page on our websites shows all hotels from each category (we separate Swingers and Naturism). For each hotel is a "from" price shown in this overview. These "from" prices show the lowest available rate a a particular room and also the included board if it is not an offer of self catering. The "from-price" offers can be booked, but are not checked for availability.

The "from" prices are dependent on currency exchange rates, taxes and charges, petrol prices. These prices are adjusted by us regularly and therefore are subject to fluctuations.

What the hotel category mean?

Our hotel overview pages, where we show you all hotels, provide the information in which hotel category we have classified a hotel to avoid that you end up in the wrong hotel

Some of the hotels offers you every service you know from any other good hotel. Other offers, such as the Private, have other benefits, but can not compete with the service for example of a large hotel chain. Private offers are also very family-run offers with only a few rooms. A closer contact with the owners and other guests is usually required and is also sought.

What is the meaning of target audience?

As target group-oriented tour operator we attach great importance to a clearly defined target audience, this is very important for the swinger hotels. Each hotel on our website is assigned to a target audience. However, as not only we do sell the hotel, unfortunately it will happen,that a hotel arranged by us into the target group for swingers, but you encounter on site guests, which have little to do with swinging.

That can be very disappointing for you and the other guests, as you do not spend your vacation among like-minded guests. Even hotels are often not clear when specifying a target group to avoid a loss.

We have the following target groups in the category swingers vacation:
For Couples Only: Hotels for heterosexual couples from 18/21 years
Couples and Singles: Hotels for heterosexual Couples and Singles from 18/21 years

We have the following target groups in the category naturist holidays:
Couples and single women: Hotels for heterosexual Couples and Singles from 18/21 years
Adults: Hotels for persons over 18/21 years
Families: Hotels for adults with children

The target audience in connection with the hotel category gives you a good overview what for a hotel it is and what target audience the hotelis recommended by us and/or is accessible.

Please note, that some hotels are accessible for Couples only, others are adults-only resorts for persons over 18/21 years. Here the target audience informations belongs to the hotel policies.

Some hotels are not suitable for children. These hotels provide at which age a visit is recommended for kids.

What does the star icons at the hotels mean?

Our hotel offers are marked with stars to show you how we classify a hotel. These stars are not official quality promises and will not be awarded officially. Rather, the hotel will be judged by our staff in accordance with the amenities, the location and the service offered.

Classifications that are made by us are indicated by the blue stars. If a hotel officially has a star classification awarded by state agencies or organizations, we show you these with yellow stars.

What are Private offers?

On our website you can book also Private offers. These Private offers we have carefully chosen. Unfortunately we can not offer holiday package (Hotel + Flights)for Private offers. Private offers can only be booked with own transportation.

Private offers are usually offered by emigrants. These have been bought abroad a house, a farm, a large villa or a boat and made their hobby into a business. They offer their rooms to other like-minded couples.

For private offers, you are in good hands if you are able to adapt, if you want meet other people but want stay in a small group and And you can not expect not all services you know of an all-inclusive luxury resort this exists here of course not. Private offers can also be classified by target groups or categories. Private offers are less suitable for young couples or for beginners in the swinging scene.

There are also drawbacks that brings smaller plants with it, for example, may be there are not many guests. ( Remember, Private offers are small, with not much rooms) The host or other guests do not always speak the same language as you do. Somtimes you have to make your breakfast by yourself because you do not get served. A restaurant does not exist, you must check your food wishes locally with the owners. Each Private offer has its own rules and they are created by the owners. We will inform you on our website about the most important rules and information. And it also happens that one is each other unsympathetic. Before booking you should think about these things. You run the risk that your holiday falls into the water.

And yet, in many Private offers you arrive as a guest and leave often as a friend.

Room Requests

  • Room requests for hotel bookings

Room requests will be gratefully received. Please let us know before you book a hotel which room you like to have. We will forward your request to the hotel. There is no guarantee that you will get the desired room. Therefore we can not confirm mandatory a specific room. Our experience has shown that the hotel is happy to comply your room wishes, if the desired room should be available. Rooms wishes are optional, if they are not explicitly confirmed in writting form by the hotel or us.

  • Apartment requests in Holiday Villages:

Also for the Holiday Villages we can not guarantee specific apartments or studios. Most apartments are privately owned and are rented through a central office. We try to offer an apartment according to your wishes. You generally receive of course the booked apartment category. But we can not guarantee a certain apartment number.

In some cases we may obtain written confirmation from the Manager of the Village, in this case, your apartment number is guaranteed. Please contact us separately.

  • Cruises:

On the cruises you can choose any available cabin on the ship. Your cabin number is always guaranteed. Of course, only if the cabin is still available. A specific confirmation of this service is not required. Only for last minute bookings or specials you can not select a specific stateroom number as the cabins are reduced in price: "first come first sale" applies here.

Bonus Points

As customer of Aphrodite Travel you will earn bonus points with the first booking. These bonus points, you can exchange for little goodies. Bonus points do not expire. So even if you do not travel 1 or 2 years with us, you will keep your bonus points.

We have a selection of available goodies on our website, fan merchandise and little goodies that can be exchanged for bonus points. Please note the delivery times for some products. Some of the products we offer you can not buy with us, we are not a shop. Exchange of the bonus points for cash is not possible.

Bonus points will be credited with the issuance of an invoice / confirmation. Bonus points are not transferable to other persons. A prorated share / exchange of euro and bonus points is not possible. In case of cancellation, the bonus points will be deducted from your account.

Bonus points will not be credited on flight sales, transfers, excursions, tours, car hire and insurance.

Kunden mit VIP Status

Customers with VIP status play a large role in the success of Aphrodite Travel. We offer the VIP status to those customers which book a hotel with us year after year. This VIP status gives you a number of advantages that should make your holiday even more enjoyable and more beautiful. It is up to us to whom we assign the VIP status. Customers with VIP status will receive a loyalty card that we send you by regular Post. With this card, you can check all other options on our website.

When is my booking binding?

Your booking is binding at the moment in which you have expressed your booking request to us and when we have confirmed your booking in writing. Online booking is binding in the moment in which you have clicked the button "book now". You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us, setting forth the details of your booking once again.